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I got a Flash variable:

<param name=\"flashvars\" value=\"title=$title\" />

$title is a string, but in this string I want to put: ë or in HTML &euml;.

But flash doesn’t like it. How to fix this? thnx, stefan

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Did you try entitizing the &? For example, instead of


your value would be


Or it could be an encoding issue in your page. Or it could be that you are loading from a document whose BOM is absent.

Edited to say: I just remembered the flashvars parameter (which I no longer use) takes an ampersand-delimited list of arguments, just like a query string in a URL. So ampersands are going to be problematic no matter how they're used. It might be easier to set up your SWF to load those values from Javascript through ExternalInterface in Flash/Flex.

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I don't believe there should be any issues with flashvars using special characters like ë. I just did a quick test, and it worked perfectly.

Just make sure the html document where you define the flashvars is saved as utf-8, and you should be good.

Also, if you are displaying the loaded text in a dynamic text field, make sure you have the right characters embedded - otherwise they won't display.

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