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I was trying to download a large number of images from web based on 3 columns from a table in a pre-built database. The three columns I retrieved are imageId, imageName, and imageUrl. Same imageId always corresponds to same imageName, but the same imageId-iamgeName pair may corresponds to multiple image urls (see e.g. below). My goal was to just download all these images and save the multiple images with same imageId-imageName pair folders. For example, the table below would create three folders named "1_flower" (including 2 images) "2_bowl" (including 1 image) and 10_sky(including one image). The actual database has about 58,000 rows (i.e. images)

The problem is that running the code in the middle caused windows suddenly become blue screen with the message "IRQL Not Less Or Equal". I've tried to run the program multiple times and it always caused the blue screen (at slightly different time periods each run) in the middle of running (only downloaded after about 100 images).

I've done a lot of search and no luck. It seems too me some memory issue caused by urllib.request.urlretrieve, but not sure where exactly was wrong. Any help is greatly appreciated!

imageId, imageName, imageUrl

 - 1,        flower,      /xxx/flowerPicOne.jpg
 - 2,        bowl,     /xxx/bowPic.jpg
 - 1,        flower,      /xxx/flowerPicTwo.png
 - 10,       sky,         /xxx/skyPic.jpg
 - ...
 - ...

import sqlite3
import os
import urllib.request

conn = sqlite3.connect("myDatabase.db")
c = conn.cursor()

c.execute('SELECT imageId, imageName, imageUrl FROM imageTable')
rows = c.fetchall()
existingFolderNameList = []

for row in rows:
    folderName = str(row[0]) + '_' + row[1].replace(" ", "").replace("/","-").replace("'","")
    imUrl = "http://www.someCommonHeader.com/" + row[2].replace(" ", "")
    if folderName not in existingFolderNameList:
        urllib.request.urlretrieve(imUrl, folderName + "/" + row[2].replace(" ", "").replace("/","-"))
        urllib.request.urlretrieve(imUrl, folderName + "/" + row[2].replace(" ", "").replace("/","-"))

# Save (commit) the changes

# Close connection

Dump file by bluescreenview Blue screen pic

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Odds are this isn't your program. You will need the full detail from the crash -- there's a good chance it's a badly-behaving device driver. –  Joe Jul 8 '14 at 23:43
@Joe Thanks! Did you mean some hard device or driver-related problem on my computer is the cause? I will repeat the problem and add a photo of the bluescreen –  plg519 Jul 8 '14 at 23:49
@plg519 Interesting suggestion by Joe. Could you try implementing the same program on a different dev environment to rule out the program being the cause? –  GeekyOmega Jul 9 '14 at 2:57

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