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Hi all i've ran into another problems with VideoView. Then video is playing, and I put device asleep, using hard button, onPause() is called. But it followed by:

03-17 11:26:33.779: WARN/ActivityManager(884): Activity pause timeout for HistoryRecord{4359f620 com.package/com.package.VideoViewActivity}

And then i have onStart()/onResume() again and Video starts playing. I've try to move code around onStart()/onStop() - doesn't seems to make difference.

sample code :

public class VideoViewActivity extends Activity {

    private String path = "";
    private VideoView mVideoView;
    private static final String MEDIA_URL = "media_url";

    public void onCreate(Bundle icicle) {

        mVideoView = (VideoView)findViewById(R.id.surface_view);
        path = getIntent().getStringExtra(MEDIA_URL);

    public void onResume() {

        mVideoView.setMediaController(new MediaController(this));

    public void onPause() {



Why is it happening? And how do I stop that?

It's not a greatest experience than you put your device to sleep and it starts playing video

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Ummmm...what's the question? –  CommonsWare Mar 17 '10 at 17:34
The question is a) Why it's happening and b) How to stop that. It's not a greatest experience than you put your device to sleep and it starts playing video –  Alex Volovoy Mar 17 '10 at 17:42

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OK, Looks like the behavior is related to activity lifecycle and the fact that VideoViewActivity is set to landscape in the manifest. Adding


for that activity seems to fix the problem and then you put device to sleep only onPause() called vs before - all lifecycle methods were executed. I'll do more testing to make sure it fixed...

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