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Im attempting to make it so that once the PFUser or the client creates a PFObject they cannot create/make one again.

Here I show how the PFObject is created:

    PFObject *New = [PFObject objectWithClassName:@"client"];
    PFUser *user = [PFUser currentUser];
    [New setObject:user forKey:@"user"];
    [New setObject:[[self Name] text] forKey:@"name"];
    [New setObject:[[self Team] text] forKey:@"team"];
    [New setObject:[[self Points] text] forKey:@"points"];
    [New setObject:[[self Height] text] forKey:@"height"];
    [New setObject:[[self Weight] text] forKey:@"weight"];
    [New setObject:[[self Position] text] forKey:@"position"];
    [New setObject:[[self Game] text] forKey:@"game"];
    [New setObject:[[self Hometown] text] forKey:@"hometown"];
    [New setObject:[[self Birthday] text] forKey:@"birthday"];
  //  [New setObject:[[self Bio] text] forKey:@"bio"];

    NSData *imageData = UIImageJPEGRepresentation(PlayerImage.image, 0.8);
    NSString *filename = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@.png", Name.text];
    PFFile *imageFile = [PFFile fileWithName:filename data:imageData];
    [New setObject:imageFile forKey:@"imageFile"];

    [New saveInBackground];
    NSLog(@"Object Added");

With this code the PFObject is added to the PFUser, now I need a way to make it so that the User can't create another PFObject

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You should implement this with a Cloud Function.

In your Cloud Function you can check if the User already has a client set, and either perform an update instead of add, or just return an error.

Sample Cloud code, no change needed in iOS, simply prevents saving the "client" if there's already one on the current user:

// returns an error if a client is already set on the user
Parse.Cloud.beforeSave("client", function (request, response) {
    var user = request.user;
    user.fetch().then(function (user) {
        if (user.get("client")) {
            response.error("user already has a client record");
        } else {
    }, function (error) {

// links the client to the user if the save was allowed
Parse.Cloud.afterSave("client", function (request, response) {
    var user = request.user;
    user.set("client", request.object); () {
    function (error) {
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How would I check to see if the PFObject client has been set? Thanks for the response! – user2977529 Jul 9 '14 at 1:15
Added code sample that shouldn't require any changes to your iOS code (except maybe some error handling). – Timothy Walters Jul 9 '14 at 6:49
Thats awesome! Thanks – user2977529 Jul 10 '14 at 4:28

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