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I have some hover() JS code:

$( '.leftMenuProductWrapper').hover (
            function () {

            function () {


In the second function, I need something like:

If ($("#leftMenuWrapper2").hasMouseover){
do this
do that};

I can't find any documentation on how to do it.


This appears to be a solution:

    mouseover = true;
    mouseover = false;

And then later on in the code, reference it:

if(mouseover == false){
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Can you clarify; are you looking to perform a specific action when someone moves a mouse out of $('.leftMenuProductWrapper') and in to $('#leftMenuWrapper2")? –  Dancrumb Mar 17 '10 at 17:29
Also, can you include a bare-bones example of the DOM that this code is designed to work on? –  Dancrumb Mar 17 '10 at 17:29
@Jared, that's exactly the solution I was getting at in my answer. –  Justin Niessner Mar 17 '10 at 17:37

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At a very high level, what you want is something to:

  • Hold a Boolean value.
  • When the mouse triggers a MouseOver event, set the Boolean to true.
  • When the mouse triggers a MouseOut event, set the Boolean to false.

All you have to do is return the Boolean value to get the hasMouseOver value.

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I'm not entirely sure what you're doing but it looks like you're attacking this from the wrong angle.

I'm assuming you've got multiple elements inside .leftMenuProductWrapper, one of which is #leftMenuWrapper2... I assume the elements you care about are <div>s (but you can edit the code to fit if they're not). Try something like this:

$('.leftMenuProductWrapper>div').hover(function(ev) {
    if ($(this).id == 'leftMenuWrapper2') {
        // do something with this one
    } else {
        // otherwise, do something else
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