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I have a function that needs to return a pair of std vectors (different dimension). I could also return a pair or tuple. What I want to avoid is copying the whole vector just to return it.

Will something like this code :

return make_pair(vec1, vec2_diffDim);

Duplicate the vectors or will it use a reference?

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I would recommend exploring return make_pair(std::move(vec1), std::move(vec2_diffDim));. – R Sahu Jul 9 '14 at 2:25
I don't know if its appropriate to your situation but you could possibly pass the vectors into the function by reference rather than return them. – Galik Jul 9 '14 at 2:51

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Assuming vec1 and vec2_diffDim are variables local to your function, you should use make_pair(std::move(vec1), std::move(vec2_diffDim)). make_pair<T1,T2> accepts universal references of types T1 and T2. However, since only rvalues can bind to the rvalue reference overload, make_pair(vec1, vec2_diffDim) will bind to the version that makes a copy of both arguments. The copy of the returned pair can be elided. So, you are guaranteed that it will be moved at least.

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