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I've been doing some thunderbird develop lately, and wanna do some unit test for my XPCOM module. I notice that there is a tool called mach in mozilla which can automatically run a set of test cases at one time, but when I run "mach help" on windows, It shows that

"is_platform_supported - Must have a Firefox, Android or B2G build."

Since I'm using thunderbird, does that mean that I can't use mach for unit test for thunderbird? If not so - which I hope - how can I change my config to use that tool?
Any reples from you will be appreciated!
Thanks in advance.

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At the moment, mozilla/mach xpcshell-test does not work (see Bug 934170). As a workaround, use the following:

  • First, switch to the object directory after building Thunderbird.
  • To run all xpcshell tests, use: make xpcshell-tests
  • To run a single xpcshell test, use (e.g.): make xpcshell-tests TEST_PATH=mailnews/news/test/unit/test_server.js
  • To run all xpcshell tests in a given directory, use (e.g.): make xpcshell-tests TEST_PATH=mailnews/news
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