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I have created a virtual node "/dev/abc" and there are 2 applications a.c and b.c

a.c will write data in to the node, b.c will read data from the node

In b.c I am opening the node and using select function to verify whether data is available in the node.

I am using below code for checking the data. But with out writing data from a.c, b.c is reading the data.


fd_set read set;
int result;
fd=open ("/dev/abc", O_RDWR);
FD_SET (fd, &readset);
result=select (fd+1,&readset, NULL, NULL, NULL);
if(result> 0)
    if (FD_ISSET (fd, &readset))
       read (fd, buffer, 100);

Please suggest me how to use select function call for the above scenario.

Regards, Ajith Kumsi

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Why are you trying to use select and not poll? –  CL. Jul 10 '14 at 7:34

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You should call FD_ZERO() before FD_SET() to clear your readset. That's probably the reason. There is a clear example near the bottom of select man page and you can just follow it.

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