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I need to store user input which consists of different data types. I need to store them in an array in a specific format.. For example if user enters hai 1994 in a text box, the data hai 1994 should be stored in an array like arr=['hai', 1994]

Done so far:

home_controller.rb :

class HomeController < ApplicationController

  def index

    @data = params[:text1]




<form action = "/home/index" >
   Please enter some data
   <textarea name="text1"  cols="40" rows="5"></textarea>
   <input type="submit"/>
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...and what have you got so far? –  Bala Jul 9 at 7:27
What is your question? –  sawa Jul 9 at 7:27
I will modify my question with so far what i have tried. please wait –  rinold Jul 9 at 7:30
can any one give the code for identifying all types of data and storing it in a specific format ? –  rinold Jul 9 at 8:14

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You could just parse it to get the various pieces, then iterate over it. I'm assuming that you'll only be dealing with strings and integers:

def index
  @data1 = params[:text1].split(" ").map do |entry|
    if entry.to_i == 0 && entry != "0" # this is a string so leave it

That would take your input of "HAI 1994" and return the array ["HAI", 1994].

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user input can be of any data type such as string, text, date and time, fixnum –  rinold Jul 9 at 7:41
In that case you need to do much more checking and format matching. You could extend the if statement block I've given as an example to identify all the different types you're trying to identify. –  Ross Jul 9 at 7:44
can you write the complete code for all data types ? –  rinold Jul 9 at 7:50
Thank you Ross. I'm able to store it. But I don't how to identify and store data and time, float, text. Can you please help me ? –  rinold Jul 9 at 8:01

here is the solution for Your Question

program :-

class Program

  def method(a)

    b = []

    for i in 0..a-1

      puts "enter a value"

      b << gets.chomp.split(' ') # split the given string when it find a space between them


    for j in 0..a-1

      print  "#{b} "



obj = Program.new

puts "how many values you want to enter "

k = gets.chomp


output :

how many values you want to enter 


enter a value

1991 madhu

[["1991", "madhu"]] 
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1991 should be stored as integer and madhu should be stored as string Eg: [1991, "madhu"] –  rinold Jul 9 at 7:44

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