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The following code is legal in C++11.

template<int... N>
std::tuple<decltype(N)...> f()
    return std::make_tuple(7 + N...); 

What does it mean?

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How do you know it's legal? If you fed it to a compiler and it didn't complain, it means just about nothing. –  n.m. Jul 9 at 7:49
This code is not legal in C++11. This is C++14 code due to the missing trailing return type. –  rubenvb Jul 9 at 7:53
@n.m., I just believe in gcc blindly. –  xmllmx Jul 9 at 8:03
@Potatoswatter now there is no compilable code in the question, bad edit IMHO... –  rubenvb Jul 9 at 8:05
There, made it C++11. –  rubenvb Jul 9 at 8:08

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First of all, look at the template parameters: template <int ... N>. Even though a variable number of template arguments can be given to f, all of them must be of type int.

Now when you use f<t1, t2, ..., tn>, the parameter unpacking (7 + N...) will follow the pattern 7 + N and expand to

7 + t1, 7 + t2, 7 + t3, ..., 7 + tn

Therefore you end up with a tuple which contains each of your template arguments increased by seven. The details can be found in section 14.5.3 Variadic templates [temp.variadic].

3. A pack expansion consists of a pattern and an ellipsis, the instantiation of which produces zero or more instantiations of the pattern in a list [...].

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Live example. Note the -std=c++1y. –  rubenvb Jul 9 at 7:52
@rubenvb: Noticed it beforehand, but didn't think about the automatic type deduction that much (too much Haskell lately). But now that I think about it, is it actually possible to create a function with the same template parameters and type in C++11 without sacrificing kittens? –  Zeta Jul 9 at 8:11
see my edit of the question, it's not that hard really ;-). –  rubenvb Jul 9 at 8:14
@rubenvb: I see myself out. I knew there was something like decltype, but I haven't used templates meta programming in ages. Two hours of sleep isn't enough anymore :D. –  Zeta Jul 9 at 8:16

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