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I want to send a command ( windows + r ) to my GUICtrl using autoIT. When I do Send("#r") it works but on my computer and not in the remote desktop. I want to do it in the RDP session. Anybody can help me? Please !


$host = "" ;<<<<<<< enter here the host name or ip address
$hGUI = GUICreate("Terminal server", 900, 700, -1, -1, $WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW + $WS_CLIPSIBLINGS + $WS_CLIPCHILDREN)
$oRDP = ObjCreate("MsTscAx.MsTscAx.2")
$oRDP_Ctrl = GUICtrlCreateObj($oRDP, 0, 0, 900, 700)
GUICtrlSetResizing(-1, $GUI_DOCKALL)
GUICtrlSetStyle($oRDP_Ctrl , $WS_VISIBLE)
$oRDP.DesktopWidth = 900
$oRDP.DesktopHeight = 700
$oRDP.Fullscreen = False
$oRDP.ColorDepth = 16
$oRDP.AdvancedSettings3.SmartSizing = True
$oRDP.Server = $host
$oRDP.UserName = "" ;<<<<<<< enter here the user name
$oRDP.Domain = ""
$oRDP.AdvancedSettings2.ClearTextPassword = ""
$oRDP.ConnectingText = "Connecting to " & $host
$oRDP.DisconnectedText = "Disconnected from " & $host
$oRDP.StartConnected = True

GUISetState(@SW_SHOW, $hGUI)

$oShel = ObjCreate("shell.application")
$oShel_Ctrl = GUICtrlCreateObj($oShel, 0, 0, 900, 700)
GUICtrlSetStyle($oShel_Ctrl , $WS_VISIBLE)

While 1
    $nMsg = GUIGetMsg()
    Switch $nMsg
        Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
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You will want to use the special shortcut key for use when connected via RDP. You can find a list here: Remove Desktop Services Shortcut Keys

Try sending ALT+HOME:

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I will try thanks ! –  user3797832 Jul 9 at 12:23
When I send this command, anything happens –  user3797832 Jul 9 at 13:16
Does the RDP session window have focus (is it active)? –  Dale M Jul 9 at 14:08
I tried with ControlFocus but it doesn't work :/ I will try with psExec on my computer I think –  user3797832 Jul 10 at 6:33
psExec appears but only in the process (service task manager) but there is no window. It's normal ? –  user3797832 Jul 10 at 9:05
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I found the solution. I use PsExec.exe, it's easier !

PS : Don't forget the session's ID after options. Without it, PsExec will works but only in processes and will not make a window

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