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I want to submit an information :date via Ajax with JS, but Rails processes via HTML.

Processing by DocumentsController#your_method as HTML
Completed 406 Not Acceptable in 37ms (ActiveRecord: 5.0ms)

My method in the controller:

def your_method 

    @date = params[:date] 

    respond_to do |format|
      format .js { }


This is my POST function in my partial :

<%= form_tag(custom_method_path, method: :post, :remote => true) do %> 
<%= label_tag(:date, "The selected date is:") %> 
<%= text_field_tag(:date) %> 

<%= submit_tag %> 

<% end %>

And this is the corresponding route:

post '/your_method' => 'document#your_method', as: "custom_method"

What should I do to make it process via JS ?

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