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I have a th and a div inside it. the th is positioned relative and the child div is positioned absolute. (see div class="horizontal")

The child div is not inheriting the parent height in percentage as you can see in the fiddle


As per my knowledge, the absolute div should inherit its dimensions from its bounding-box, which can be a relative element with a specific height, which i think is the case here.

P.S : tested in IE9.

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There is an issue with placing absolute positioned elements inside a table-cell (have a read of this). As you have a height set on your th you are able to add a buffer div in:

    <th><div class="relative"><div class="axesTitle">Parameter</div></div></th>
    <th><div class="relative"><div class="horizontal">Q4 '14 ghfggfdf</div></div></th>
    <th><div class="relative"><div class="horizontal">QoQ</div></div></th>
    <th><div class="relative"><div class="horizontal">YTD</div></div></th>

And then use the following styles:

th div.relative {

And this should allow you to set a height for your absolute - have a look at your js console in the following example and you will see the height is set to 40:


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