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I have a column valorout with this type of values:


So, I want the sum of the column valorout grouped by duplicated.


select sum(valorout) from trans GROUP BY(duplicated);


Error in query: ERROR: function sum(character) does not exist
LINE 1: select sum(valorout) from trans GROUP BY(duplica...
HINT: No function matches the given name and argument types. You might need to add explicit type casts.

What I need to change to solve this problem?

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What is your data type for valorout column? –  nightingalez Jul 9 '14 at 9:58
@nightingalez character(50) –  user2990084 Jul 9 '14 at 9:59
You can't do math on text fields. What database engine are you using? –  Dan Bracuk Jul 9 '14 at 10:00
THe hint is clear,convert the column to some numeric type. –  Mihai Jul 9 '14 at 10:00
Do not store numbers in varchar columns. Use numeric (or integer) instead. Additionally: you almost never want char, if you need a character datatype use varchar or text –  a_horse_with_no_name Jul 9 '14 at 10:06

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Answer might be

select sum(valorout::decimal) from trans GROUP BY(duplicated);

Your type is varchar(50), you need to cast it to decimal / integer / float for SUM to work

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