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I made some Sharding tests but I always got the same issue. I got 1 config server, 3 shards (mongod) on 3 different servers (500 Go each). When I made an insertion of huge amount of data (1 000 000 000 data and my data is a “SourceID (string), TimeStamp (date), Value (long)” triplet. Example: Source 1, 31/12/2012 23:15:00, 5620).

An error takes place every time after a certain time: one shard connection fail, the other sleeps: 30000ms, the third fails after. The c# driver on Visual Studio shows this error:

  « MongoDB.Driver.WriteConcernException : WriteConcern detected an error 'error inserting 61680 documents to shard shard0001:XXX.X.X.X:27001 at version 38|1||53a1a74d839c9394bf2675af :: caused by :: could not get last error from a shard XXX.X.X.X:27000 :: caused by :: socket exception [FAILED_STATE] for XXX.X.X.X:27000'. (Response was { "err" : "error inserting 61680 documents to shard shard0001: at version 38|1||53a1a74d839c9394bf2675af :: caused by :: could not get last error from a shard :: caused by :: socket exception [FAILED_STATE] for", "code" : 16460, "n" : 0, "ok" : 1.0 }).
Result StackTrace: »

And the mongos shows

« [LockPinger] Socket recv() timeout XXX.X.X.XX :27999
SocketException: remote: XXX.X.X.XX:27999 error : 9001 socket exception [RECV_Timeout] server
DBClientCursor: init call() failed
Detected an exception while pinging :: CausedBy :: SyncClusterConnection::update prepare failed…
trying to reconnect to
connection accepted from»

I wanted to notice that it's obviously not intentional, our network have some weaknesses and short interruptions can occur. You can find the code of the client here... (see mongo c# code in the pastebin link)

I have the impression that this issue is not related to the client but is due to some configuration issues on the server/shards side. It seems that the server and the shards are not able to reestablish the connection once an interruption occured. We looked for configuration options (on server/shard side) but didn't find any.

I don’t understand and don’t know what to do. Do you have any idea ?

Here is my configuration... (sharding config in the paste bin link) Paste bin link: http://pastebin.com/M4pswW2i

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Networking problems belong on serverfault.com. Please post your question there, and try to make it specific to the networking issue. StackOverflow is for programming topics. Unless the fault is with your test program ( and the server log says no ) then this is not the place. –  Neil Lunn Jul 9 at 10:17

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