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If you want to update a web app that uses the HTML5 AppCache, you have to update the content of that manifest (instead of simply touching it). Typically, they recommend you to add a versioning line as comment in the manifest.

I was wondering what the motivation is behind this byte-per-byte checking? Since I modify the manifest to update the comment line anyway, it's 'last-modified' date will also change. So if the user-agent would simply check the date, it would still see that there is a new version of the manifest.

I assume there has been a good reason for implementing the mechanism to trigger an update of the AppCache this way, but I fail to see these?

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My assumption would be that explicitly having differing manifests is a lot more robust than relying on meta data like modification times, which can be altered and accidentally changed any time and may not transfer correctly across systems. –  deceze Jul 9 '14 at 11:32

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