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I have apk-game based on Flash (Adobe AIR). It was published on Google Play. Some days ago I updated my AIR SDK from version 3 to 14 and re-compiled my apk. After this, where i try upload new apk, I get error from Google:

Upload failed You uploaded an APK that is signed with a different certificate to your previous APKs. You must use the same certificate. Your existing APKs are signed with the certificate(s) with fingerprint(s): [ SHA1: EE:68:CF:C6:FF:40:CB:B9:65:8C:E6:89:C2:FB:A6:52:81:33:59:7F ] and the certificate(s) used to sign the APK you uploaded have fingerprint(s): [ SHA1: B4:89:02:73:3D:82:96:4F:57:00:13:0C:D8:1C:64:8D:B0:D1:D0:7A ]

So, I must re-sign new apk with old key. I found utility named Jarsigner. It can re-sign apk, but I must have file *.keystore to do it. I can't find info, how to get *.keystore from my old apk (because new apk must have the same signature). Please help me to resolve this problem.

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possible duplicate of Android Keystore File Lost –  Than Jul 9 '14 at 12:21
I've seen these topics, but it does not say how to get a new keystore –  Сергій Оньков Jul 9 '14 at 12:56

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