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I have logging working to Sentry from android just using the EventBuilder from raven-java, but I need to attach extra info which apparently EventBuilder or java.util.logging can't do. I tried to use log4j but it doesn't pick up, how can I configure it with the Sentry DSN and other information? I have no preference about what logging library to use, so logback or log4j2 will do but they seem to suffer from the same problems.

I tried to configure logging programatically but can't add the appender SentryAppender.

I also tried using android-logging-log4j library but this has the same problem.

I realise that exists which might work but it doesn't do retries in case of network issues which is quite important.

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Hi eggbert. I am the author of the Senty-Android client you have linked. There is currently an issue to solve the offline/retries that are you mentioning - I am actually in the middling of closing that issue right now. I know this doesn't solve your issue right now but I will comment back here when that issue is closed :) – joshdholtz Jul 10 '14 at 8:18
Hi, I did notice the open issue and a branch which seemed to be trying to save events. I will give the pre-release a go, I much prefer your library to the 6 libraries I have to install just to get raven-java working. I was thinking of using SharedPreferences to store events but maybe files is better. – eggbert Jul 10 '14 at 14:25

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The library now supports saving of offline captures and failed captures as of version v1.1.0 -

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