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Is it possible to set up a python debugging environment in emacs to mimic that provided by gud-gdb when debugging C?

e.g. the ability to set a breakpoint with pdb.set_trace() and have a arrow annotation in the relevant source code file highlighting your progress as you step into/over statements and functions

I'm really missing this functionality when trying to debug python code after a bout of C debugging, all from within emacs

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Yes, that functionality exists and should be working if you are in python mode. Does emacs indicate that you have python mode active?

Note with emacs 24x and the regular M-x shell you may need to add a hook as described here. It will work out of the box if you run with the M-x python-shell-send* commands.

I haven't tried pdb++ but that might be an alternative for you to try. See the answer here: Emacs: using pdbtrack (python.el)

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ahh i'm on 24.3.1 - have you fixed for this ver or did you revert back to 23? –  bph Oct 10 '14 at 9:47
I found it actually works if you run your python script using M-x python-shell-send-file but not when you run inside a regular M-x shell. I posted a question on it since I need to use M-x shell. –  reteptilian Oct 11 '14 at 5:57

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