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I've created an html page that has a div layer that pops up in the bottom right corner of the screen and I'm also using javascript to delay it popping up.

I'm trying to achieve something very much like the chat box you can see on Olark's site as you scroll down their homepage http://www.olark.com/

I have the functionality and design of the div layer that I want to provide as a widget working well on the original page I developed it on.

However, I've looked into displaying it as an iframe on other websites, but it ends up displaying the background of the original html page the div sits on and most articles online only show how to get the div to pop up in an iframe within a lightbox window and .onclick, which is obviously not the same as the result I'm trying to achieve.

What's a good way to create an embeddable widget that would allow people to drop a line of javascript on their website (which would maybe insert the div) and allow them to use this popup div on their own site without displaying anything else (page background, etc.) from the original page the div is hosted on?

Ideally this could be achieved this somehow with an iframe, so it would be easy to update the widget on everyone's site by editing the page it's originally hosted on. But, if there is a better solution I'm all ears!

Here's the javascript I'm using for delaying the popup/popin onpageload effect...

<script type="text/javascript">
   $(document).ready(function () {
        setTimeout(function (){
            $("#open-item").prop('checked', true);
        }, 7000);

And here's an example of how the div is structured...

<div id="popupwidget">
    <!-- Open/close buttons -->
    <input id="open-item" name="forms" type="radio" />
    <input id="close-item" name="forms" type="radio" checked="checked" />
       <label for="open-item" class="open">This is some text</label>
        <!-- Close label -->
        <label for="close-item" class="close">&times;</label>
        <!-- Heading -->    
        <!-- Form elements -->
        <div class="wrap">
        This is body content

By default the div is closed, and then opens up.

Thanks in advance for your help, I really appreciate it.

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