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I am making a WindowsForm application and want to download a file (xls) from a webpage. The file is generated on clicking an image on that webpage and gives me SaveAs dialogue. Now, the URL dosen't give full path of the file and using some NetworkSniffing tools I found that the file download URL is same as the webpage URL.

I am using the below code but the problem is it downloads the entire webpage instead of the file.

URL is (as) : http://rambo.xxx.com/ADHOC/UserReports.aspx?ADHOC_ID=63

I am using this code:

    private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        WebClient client = new WebClient();
        client.DownloadFile(@"http://rambo.xxx.com/ADHOC/UserReports.aspx?ADHOC_ID=63", @"C:\temp.xls");

I know it is dynamically generated by some .aspx file but is there no way at all to download the file programmatically?

Searched SO & Google but didn't get my question answered.

Edit: Link to the ViewSource of the Page added.

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@PatrickHofman I meant, the URL dosent give full path of that file. Like : "example.com/file/test.xls"; –  Roshan Hyder Rymbai Jul 9 at 18:42
It can't be the same as the web page URL. Try use Fiddler2. –  Hamlet Hakobyan Jul 9 at 18:43
Is this the real URL? Not Found The requested URL /ADHOC/UserReports.aspx was not found on this server. –  Hamlet Hakobyan Jul 9 at 18:44
@HamletHakobyan : Downloading Filder right now. Will let you know. –  Roshan Hyder Rymbai Jul 9 at 18:45
It's also possible that the page contains Javascript that does does the actual download. Have you examined the source of the page to see what's in there? –  Jim Mischel Jul 9 at 18:51

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