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i would like to use the nested resource url mapping stuff, that was introduced in Grails 2.3. I have trouble with getting <g:form /> working with something like this:

"/books"(resources:'book') {

In this case i use a single resource for author. If i would like to have a form in /books/1/author/edit, which updates the author of the corresponding book.

My question is, how can <g:form /> can be configured, so that it will use the url /books/1/author as the action? According to the docs on g:form, there is no option to set a resource attribute like it can be done in g:link. Are there any other possibilities, or is the use of an form within this whole grails REST stuff not a first class citizen? Another thing that let me think it would work this way is the Grails 2.3 REST Improvements proposal wiki article, where these lines of code brought me into this direction:

// nested resources
<g:form resource="book/author" bookId="1" id="2" method="DELETE"> -> /books/1/authors/2
<g:form resource="book/author" bookId="1" id="2" method="PUT"> -> /books/1/authors/2 
<g:link resource="book/author" action="edit" bookId="1" id="2"> -> /books/1/authors/edit/1    
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I'm running grails 2.4 and this works for me:

<g:form resource="author" params="[bookId: 1] action="save">
  <input type="hidden" id="2" />
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