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I have a todo list app which allows users to create todos. Right now I am building functionality using jquery which would allow users to delete tasks.

The problem is when I click the delete button on one todo the app ask me to confirm deletion on every list item. When I click "cancel delete" on one, it cancels on all of them. In other words, I am receiving duplicative behavior on all HTML elements.

I believe this is because all todo items are being generated from the same html.erb template, and in the template I give each element its ID so I can refer to it, but since every ID is the same, I can't differentiate between different todo's which contain elements with the same ID. How do I select a specific instance of an html element in Jquery?

Full JS Code/HTML output: http://jsfiddle.net/LvKED/

Rails html.erb code:

<%= form_for task do |form| %>
<% if !task.completed %>
    <p> <%= task.title%></p>
    <p>&ndash; <%=task.body %></p>
     <%= form.check_box :completed, class: "completed_checkbox" %>
     <%= button_to "Delete post",{}, class:"delete_button" %>
     <%= link_to "Confirm deletion",{}, class: "confirm_links", id: "confirm_delete" %>
     <%= link_to "Cancel",{}, class: "confirm_links cancel_delete" %>
   <% end %>
<% end %>
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You can't have duplicate ID's; your original idea of using class selectors was superb -- you just need to use positioning of your buttons to target the particular elements you want to manipulate. –  user3558931 Jul 9 at 23:07
this part --- id: "confirm_delete" --- you'll want to increment a counter and add that on to the id –  ArtisiticPhoenix Jul 9 at 23:16
what if you use confirm behaviour of link_to? api.rubyonrails.org/classes/ActionView/Helpers/… –  Aguardientico Jul 9 at 23:34

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Ishita's answer seems to be correct but I don't have the reputation to comment on his answer yet. I think you have to wrap the "event.target" in a $() so it would be:

var targetElement = $(event.target).closest('li');

Hope that helps.

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Thanks.. I will update my answer.. i totally forgot :P –  Ishita Jul 9 at 23:17

in the event handler you can get reference to that particular item by this line of code:

 var targetElement = $(event.target).closest('li');
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Like this? $("#task").on("click",".delete_button",function(event){ var currentElement = event.target.closest('li') $(this).hide(); –  chopper draw lion4 Jul 9 at 23:12
Like this -- $("#task").on("click",".delete_button",function(event){ var currentElement = event.target.closest('li').hide(); –  Ishita Jul 9 at 23:18

Here is how you'll be able to manipulate the buttons and links:

    return false;

    return false;

Button/link Demo: http://jsfiddle.net/fiddleyetu/LvKED/5/

The demo just shows one way of targeting one element out of many that may share the same selector. Other useful jQuery features you could use are:


Find the one that works best for you.

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