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Let's say I have a function I define using assembly in a .S file, and the function lies at the start of a region that I also give a label:

// Start of critical region.
.globl critical_region_start

// Start of a function named SomeFunc.
.globl SomeFunc
.type  SomeFunc, @function

// Other functions.

// End of critical region.
.globl critical_region_end

If you're curious, the region has a label because I need to group several functions into a single critical region that I hit test for using the instruction pointer elsewhere.

My problem (actually, slight annoyance) is that GDB prefers the first label when it needs a name for an address. For example, when disassembling another function that calls SomeFunc:

0x000000001002d958 <+32>:    cmpdi   r12,48
0x000000001002d95c <+36>:    blt     0x1002d8bc <critical_region_start>

Logically, this code is calling SomeFunc, and that is the label used in its code. But GDB shows it as critical_region_start instead. Is there some way for me to annotate the code to say that the preferred name is SomeFunc, short of adding a few extra bytes between the labels?

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The simplest way is to add a nop after critical_region_start. Another way is to strip this symbol out if not needed (using compilation options or a linker script). –  user35443 Jul 10 '14 at 9:21

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