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I have a dump file that I created through an export command in the command line in windows.

What i need is to import that dump to another database already contain the user through running a batch file (Run.bat) and without any Human intervention.

Is this possible??

I tried to use the following code but still with no luck:

@echo off
REM Export Full database with auto filename for dump and log
REM This batch file will create the dump and log files in the same directory as of batch
REM File name syntax --> <SCHEMANAME>_<DD>_<MM>_<YYYY>
REM Author: Deepu Mohan Puthrote, http://deepumohan.com
REM Created:  07-Sep-2009
REM Modified: 30-Sep-2009, 01-Oct-2009

REM Get user credentials
REM set /p username=user1: 
REM set /p password=user1: 
REM set /p sid=user1\administrator: 

REM Following block is for getting the year, month and day
REM ======================================================
   FOR /f "tokens=2-4 skip=1 delims=(-)" %%G IN ('echo.^|date') DO (
      FOR /f "tokens=2 delims= " %%A IN ('date /t') DO (
         SET v_first=%%G
         SET v_second=%%H
         SET v_third=%%I
         SET v_all=%%A

      SET %v_first%=%v_all:~0,2%
      SET %v_second%=%v_all:~3,2%
      SET %v_third%=%v_all:~6,4%
REM =====================================================

imp user1/passw1@user1\administrator FILE=exp_09072014.dmp fromuser= user1 touser=user1


what i`m doing wrong..

Please support.

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"still no luck" does not tell us what is wrong - what happens when you run this? What error do you get? What command did you use to do the export? And do you really have a TNS alias of "graphya\administrator" - that doesn't look right? –  Alex Poole Jul 10 '14 at 7:10

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