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I have a WPF application where I need to work on datagrid ,in column header I have added image button to each column which when clicked should pop up with that specific column name and other details. Currently I have done this:

void data1_AutoGeneratingColumn(object sender, DataGridAutoGeneratingColumnEventArgs e)
    EventManager.RegisterClassHandler(typeof(Button), Button.ClickEvent, new     RoutedEventHandler(btnFilterImage_Click) );

 private void btnFilterImage_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)      
     lstYield.ItemsSource = viewModel.TextFilters;
     popYield.Placement = PlacementMode.MousePoint;
     popYield.IsOpen = true;

My question is how can I get the particular column name in btnFilterImage_Click. Please help.!!


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Cast sender to Button and find its VisualParent using FindVisualParent till you get column.

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