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Here I have used in version 6.0. But it's not working.

    <blockTable colWidths="115.0,115.0,100.0,60.0,70.0,80.0" style="Table4" repeatRows="1">
            <td><para style="terp_default_8"><b>Customer Part No.</b></para></td>
            <td><para style="terp_default_8"><b>Customer Part Name</b></para></td>
            <td><para style="terp_default_8"><b>Customer PO No.</b></para></td>
            <td><para style="terp_default_821"><b>Qty</b></para></td>
            <td><para style="terp_default_821"><b>Unit Price</b></para></td>
            <td><para style="terp_default_821"><b>Amount</b></para></td>
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What do you need with this pto_header ? You should add these lines on <pto></pto> –  Quentin THEURET Jul 10 '14 at 12:10

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