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I'm using Visual Studio 2008 with IIS Express to develop a Web application. I know how configure it to use SSL in the entire application, but I need to get client certificate in a specific aspx. I don't want to have the whole application under https

This is my scenario.

I Have a initial page: Page1.

Depends on the selection of the user on page1, it could be redirected to Page2-1 or Page2-2. Both pages always redirect the user to Page3.

Page2 is like a login form:

  • In page2-1 the user introduces his email and password. I check this information on the database and set some sessions variables.

  • In page2-2, Instead of asking for email and password, I want to get the user certificate and check some information against database.

Only page2-2 requires ssl. How can I configure IIS EXPRESS to ask for the user certificate only on Page2-2?

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