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I want to create an alert box with 3 radio buttons in it. It should be like

'Replace' 'Save' 'Merge'

along with OK and Cancel buttons. Any idea how to achieve this?

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To add to what WoLpH said, you specifically want a modal overlay that can be called programmatically similar to an alert box. Give jQuery UI or YUI a try.

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There is no default javascript box that does this, you have confirm(), prompt and alert available and that's it.

There are however widgetsets/libraries that give you this option. Try Ext JS for example

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use the input tag to generate radio buttons

<input type="radio" name="button_1">Replace</input>

and div tag to generate you okay and cancel buttons

<div id="cancel">Cancel</div>

and have the onclick functions of your div's be a javascript call which pulls the data out of the radio buttons.

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You can use javascript to create modal dialog box with the controls you would like to show. You can customize the look & get rid of the default grey dialog boxes, it's really cool. Check the link below.

Javascript modal dialog sample

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