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Iam using Google Maps API everything works fine apart from in IE9 I get the error below.

Can anyone shed any light on this for me please?

From the log file

object doesn't support property or method 'observe'

in the maps.js file

Event.observe(window, 'unload', GUload);


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Check that there aren't two elements on the page with identical IDs. –  Grim... Jul 10 at 10:16
ok, here is my code below: –  user2191937 Jul 10 at 10:21
ahhh couldnt paste this in, what excatly do I need to look for? Is it the javascript or style id's? –  user2191937 Jul 10 at 10:23
In the HTML itself - generated or otherwise. –  Grim... Jul 10 at 10:26
I have a div id called map maybe that is the issue with IE? –  user2191937 Jul 10 at 10:38

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