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Recently I need to make a chart of employees' workload.Any recommendation?


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OpenFlashChart is kinda nice I have used it before just encode the data to json in php.. :)

Or if you wan't to go JS..

highcharts is cool too if you have some money to spend :)

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I'd recommend pchart. Very clean, easy to install and use. The examples and documentation are great. I also love the look of the graphs that it generates out of the box.

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Google's chart API allows you to just call a URL with the data and it returns an image. I highly recommend using it (I do):

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jpgraph is also a very nice, powerful and easy to implement chart library build using PHP. It is capable of drawing Each and every type of graph. With proper documentation and examples.

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The Link changed: – Florian Fida Mar 4 '14 at 17:17

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