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I have an app that uses authlogic for login mechanism.

My sign up page requires no password confirmation but password reset page does.

acts_as_authentic do |a|
  a.require_password_confirmation = true

The above code turns on password confirmation for all the actions but which is not required in my case. It should be turned on when password reset is called and off when user signs up.

Is there a way to turn this on and off on a conditional basis ?


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Set password confirmation to false.

acts_as_authentic do |a|
  a.require_password_confirmation = false

Set the password_confirmation value in the create action of UsersController.

before_action :set_password_confirmation, :only => :create

def set_password_confirmation
  if params[:user] 
    params[:user][:password_confirmation] = params[:user][:password]
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This would be a crude way of doing that. I managed this with model validations and setting require_password_confirmation to false. I dont think we need filters to do that. I was thinking if we have any authlogic way of doing this. Thanks for the reply anyway –  Pamio Solanky Jul 11 '14 at 7:27

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