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We are working on a .net MVC project.

We have several modules (Services) running parallel to our main system. Most of these modules do some job and return some data to be inserted into the Database. As the Services may run across many systems, We decided to have the db interaction only in the main system and all other Services return data to be inserted into the db to the main system.

We think that it would be nice if we have a unified messaging model for the interaction between the modules. I googled out and was unable to find any relative information for our purpose.

We need some patters or some guidelines to have a basement for our Messaging model.

The message will mainly consist of data of various datatype and may be the table and schema details to which the data needs to be inserted.

Please provide me with some books,links or tutorials

Thanks in advance!

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Please refer to:

Enterprise Service Bus

An enterprise service bus represents an environment designed to foster sophisticated interconnectivity between services. It establishes an intermediate layer of processing that can help overcome common problems associated with reliability, scalability, and communications disparity. More...

Canonical Protocol

The architecture establishes a single communications technology as the sole or primary medium by which services can interact - More...

Canonical Schema

Data models for common information sets are standardized across service contracts within an inventory boundary - More...

Service Messaging

Services can be designed to interact via a messaging-based technology, which removes the need for persistent connections and reduces coupling requirements - More...

Or this site in general

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