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I want to extract substring till the point the last numeric ends.

for example:

In the string "abcd123z" , I want the output to be "abcd123"

In the string "abcdef123gh01yz" , I want the output to be "abcdef123gh01"

In the string "abcd123" , I want the output to be "abcd123"

How to do this in the unix shell?

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Try this sed command,

sed 's/^\(.*[0-9]\).*$/\1/g' file


$ echo 'abcdef123gh01yz' | sed 's/^\(.*[0-9]\).*$/\1/g'
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You can do this in BASH regex:

[[ "$str" =~ ^(.*[[:digit:]]) ]] && echo "${BASH_REMATCH[1]}"
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This will not work in ksh – hek2mgl Jul 10 '14 at 12:02
Yes I clearly mentioned BASH because of that since OP tagged the question with BASH – anubhava Jul 10 '14 at 12:05
He tagged bash and ksh – hek2mgl Jul 10 '14 at 12:05
tmp="${str##*[0-9]}"     # cut off all up to last digit, keep intermediate
echo "${str%$tmp}"        #  remove intermediate from end of string
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