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I'm using Vagrant to work, and i need to share my box with my co workers who travel. So, i packaged this box with Vagrant command vagrant package and got a file .box.

So, in another PC, i added the box to vagrant with vagrant box add my-box.box serv-dev and run vagrant up.

In process to mount vagrant a problem occur when it's time to access to the Vagrant machine: generally three connection timeout and after, it's Authentication Failure.

Therefore, i ran ssh-keygen and obtained a key. So, i added this one in .ssh/authorized_keys but it still doesn't work...

I don't know what to do anymore.

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Check -h option of vagrant and ask for more logs. This post should be on server fault. –  kranteg Jul 10 at 15:25

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Finally, i changed the private key in ~/.vagrant.d/insecure_private_key and it runs !

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Accept your answer if it fits for you or delete your question. I think you should delete your question. –  kranteg Jul 14 at 18:56

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