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I have a collection in mongodb to store Participants. The data goes like:

     "_id" : ObjectId("53badeee6d6179191f030000"), 

    "user_id" : ObjectId("53b619a16d6179141e000000"),

    "campaign_id" : ObjectId("53b82c246d617912a9040000") 

Now how do I search it from rails?

@participant=Participant.find(user_id:current_user_id, campaign_id:params[:id])

--This does not work. Should I always create objects like : ObjectId("53b82c246d617912a9040000")

Participant model:

class Participant
  include Mongoid::Document
  field :detail, type: String
  field :date, type: Date

  validates_uniqueness_of :user, :scope => [:campaign]

Am i doing something wrong by design itself? Please suggest.

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Please post your model so we can get a sense of the relationships between user, campaign and participant. –  tirdadc Jul 10 at 15:07
added the model –  Mayukh Roy Jul 10 at 15:12
it should be something like Participant.where(user_id: current_user_id) –  Rajarshi Das Jul 10 at 15:17
@muistooshort please suggest the solution –  Mayukh Roy Jul 10 at 17:17

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@participant = Participant.where(
  user_id: current_user_id,
  campaign_id: params[:id]


@participant = Participant.where(
  user_id: current_user.id, # as i suspect you are using devise current user
  campaign_id: params[:id]

and it should work. also make sure that the params[:id] contains an existing campaign_id and you are not searching with the wrong parameter (params[:campaign] for example)

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