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I have a ASP.Net Menu Control with three levels and flyouts enabled. I want to highlight the parent items (right upto the top level parent) whenever a user hovers over the menu items.

I do not want to use a client side solution as described here: http://www.codeproject.com/KB/webforms/AspMenuParentHighlighting.aspx

Is there an elegant server side solution?

Kind regards.

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I think a solution for this has to be a combination of client side and server side code. If your solution is 100% server side you will have way too many postbacks. Can you give some more detail on what you want to be on the server side? – Bob Oct 29 '08 at 13:36
Part of the solution would be client side. ...but I would want the control to emit the js for that. – SharePoint Newbie Oct 29 '08 at 15:14
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The only server side solution I can think of would be to set the client side solution on page load.

Is there a reason that you would want to build this server side rather than client side? Because forcing an event like this to occur server side is, by definition, rather inelegant.

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Thats the same thing I am trying to do. ...but the fact that the Menu Item of an asp:Menu does not inherit from control has made it difficult. Any sugestions? – SharePoint Newbie Oct 29 '08 at 21:04

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