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When solving using SMTLIB2 files, if I call get-model or get-value everything is printed as fractions. Is there an easy way to get Z3 to print the decimal values?

For example, (get-value t) might output ((t (/ 1.0 2.0))), whereas I would prefer something like ((t 0.5)).

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Please use the command

(set-option :pp.decimal true)

Please look the following example

(declare-const t Real)
(assert (= t (/ 1.0 2.0)))
(set-option :pp.decimal true)
(get-value (t))

and the corresponding output is

sat (model (define-fun t () Real 0.5) )
((t 0.5))
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Thanks! Is there a list of these options somewhere I should refer to in the future? –  Stanley Bak Jul 10 '14 at 19:04

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