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I want to automate SVN adds using NAnt. I want to add to SVN all new files in a given directory. The NAnt script will successfully execute the add command, however it displays the Tortoise SVN add dialog and this is not acceptable because it will execute on a build server running CruiseControl. The build server is running Windows Server 2003.

Any ideas?

<target name="addtest">
	<exec program="c:\program files\tortoisesvn\bin\tortoiseproc.exe" 
		commandline="/command:add * --force /path:C:\svn\test /notempfile /closeonend:1"
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Instead of using the exec task, there is a svn task which is provided by the NAntContrib set of tasks/tools.

<svn command="add" ... />

Of course doing this probably requires the command line version of subversion, so doing an exec on svn.exe is probably just as good.

<exec program="svn.exe" commandline="add..." />
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Don't use tortoisesvn. Get a commandline svn client.

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If you just want to add a link to an existing answer, then add a comment. Your answer is duplicating what was already posted. –  Ben Scheirman Oct 29 '08 at 13:50
Ben, Sunny posted before you. –  Alphager Oct 29 '08 at 14:29

don't use tortoise!

just drop to command line svn.

c:\>svn add ...
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