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I use Aptana Studio for my PHP projects. I have not learned it but just used with what I was able to do in it. Many features I still don't know how to use in it.

At present, I have a HTML form and I want to write a .php script for the SEND button that it has. It is a submission script for the contact form.

I want a simple PHP IDE with which I can execute a single PHP file or work with at least two or three files easily, without much mess.

Please suggest a simple alternative to Aptana.

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Where is the problem with Aptana/Eclipse? You don't have to use all its features and a project is basically just a directory. –  middus Mar 18 '10 at 8:51

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Use netbeans for PHP, it is the best php editor ever made with lot and lots of functionality.

But you will have to spend some time with it. This case is with every editor that you choose to code in. So spent some time with netbeans and I bet you will be amazed by it's feature set.

atleast give it a try.

and if you don't want the code completion then notepad++ is a good choice, JEdit is also a good option

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NetBeans is a resource hog. It runs too slow on a machine with 1 GB RAM. –  RKh Mar 18 '10 at 9:01

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