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Can someone explain what the 'e' flag does, or link me to somewhere that does? I couldn't find anything via google.


preg_replace("/a(b?)c/e", "search_foo_term('\$1')", $str);
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If this modifier is set, preg_replace() does normal substitution of backreferences in the replacement string, evaluates it as PHP code, and uses the result for replacing the search string. Single quotes, double quotes, backslashes () and NULL chars will be escaped by backslashes in substituted backreferences. Only preg_replace() uses this modifier; it is ignored by other PCRE functions.


So given this example:

preg_replace("/a(b?)c/e", "search_foo_term('\$1')", $str);

The replacement for the entire match will be what search_foo_term() returns when passed the match for b? .

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awesome, thanks. –  Cam Mar 18 '10 at 8:59
This answer has been added to the Stack Overflow Regular Expression FAQ, under "Modifiers". –  aliteralmind Apr 10 at 0:35

The e flag is deprecated, mostly for security reasons. Use preg_replace_callback instead.

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