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I have created an inline calendar using jQuery-ui datepicker plugin. But the container is narrower than the calendar. So I need a solution that user can scroll the calendar, while datepicker header will remain unscrollable. So I want to wrap the table with a div. But "beforeshow" is not working in this case.

    beforeShow: function() {
        $('.ui-datepicker-calendar').wrap('<div class="calendar-wrap"></div>');


expected output:

enter image description here

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Finally I got this answer that enables me to solve my problem. –  Iqbal Jul 10 at 23:19

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(function ($) {
    $.extend($.datepicker, {
        _generateHTML_original: $.datepicker._generateHTML,
        _generateHTML: function (inst) {
            var $html = $(this._generateHTML_original(inst));
            return $($html[0]).prop('outerHTML') +
                   $('<div class="calendar-wrap"></div>').html($html[1]).prop('outerHTML');
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