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Does D's phobos library provide a function similar to std.array.replace that can replace elements in an array via a function rather than a single value for all replacements? For example:

string[] params = ["Apple", "Orange", "Pear"];
int pnum = 0;
string psub() {
    if (pnum < params.length)
        return params[pnum++];
    return "";
writeln(replace("Test 1=? 2=? 3=? 4=?", "?", psub));

results in Test 1=Apple 2=Apple 3=Apple 4=Apple when the desired result is of course Test 1=Apple 2=Orange 3=Pear 4=

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Looks like parameters in SQL prepared statements. :) Problem is that "?" may appear in the string as something we do not want to replace. How to escape it? With "\?" ? – DejanLekic Jul 11 '14 at 9:22

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You can use replaceAll from std.regex:

writeln(replaceAll!(s => psub())("Test 1=? 2=? 3=? 4=?", `\?`));

Alternatively, you could use splitter and ranges:

zip(StoppingPolicy.longest, "Test 1=? 2=? 3=? 4=?".splitter("?"), params)
    .map!(a => only(a.expand))
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