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Sorry if the layout if this question is weird, i'm new here

I'm coding an app which has a playlist of songs.

Each song is in a div, and inside that div is an thumbnail img with a play button on it.

I want, when a user clicks the play button img, it will send him to the 'Player' state and starts to automatically play the song. but if he clicks the div somewhere except the play button img, it will send him to the Player state without automatically playing.

Problem is I can't tell in the Player controller how i got to the state (div or img)

The app states:

app (abstract)

app.home (where the playlist is displayed)

app.player (where the song info + player controls)

app.player has a parameter :songid in the url, so i cannot set the params of the state in the config.

Currently i was thinking of 2 options: 1. to add another parameter to the url (true/false as if to autoplay) but it sounds like bad practice to me. correct me if i'm wrong. 2. to move the :songid and autoplay parameters to params of the state, remove the url, and use transitionTo() with the corresponding parameters. But I don't want to give up on the url.

Is there a better way i'm not thinking of?


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I don't see any problem with passing an additional autoplay parameter. –  JB Nizet Jul 10 at 21:31

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