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So this is a bit different issue than i have been able to find on the site.

I am very new. Just started programming 4 weeks ago. I am working through Learn python the hard way and so i am making a text based game right now.

So i have a class called UseAction. That class has two variables that link back to similar variables in another module.

The idea is that when an item is used the game tracks your progress and will allow you to access new things that were previously locked.

I do this by having an event variable, and a prerequisites variable which is a list. So the fusion cutter has an event of events.metal_bar_removed and that starts off as False. The Escape pod has a prerequisite of [events.metal_bar_removed] (there may be items that need multiple prereqs so i made it a list). The problem is that after I use the fusion cutter, i have the program print the variable by accessing it through the fusion cutter and it says True, which it should be, but if i access it through the prereq of the escape pod it says false. I have triple checked spelling to make sure it is the same in both spots.

I will post snippets of relevant code here:

class UseAction(object):
    def __init__(self, item, event = None, prerequisites = []):
        self.item = item
        self.event = event
        self.prerequisites = prerequisites

fusion_cut_item = fusion_cutter
fusion_cut_event = events.metal_bar_removed
fusion_cutter_act = UseAction(fusion_cut_item, event = fusion_cut_event, prerequisites = [])

escpod_item = escape_pod
escpod_prereq = [events.metal_bar_removed]
escape_pod_act = UseAction(escpod_item, event = None, prerequisites = escpod_prereq)

From Events File:

metal_bar_removed = False

I have not included the whole class as it has bout 21 arguments. Please let me know if there is some code that I have left out that could be useful in solving the issue.

The checks I have set up to change the Boolean flag of the metal_bar_removed variable do work. I have checked before and after i use fusion cutter and they change when i print them from the fusion cutter object but if i print it from escape pod it says false.

Thanks for your help guys!

PS I think my question title was worded terribly, sorry!

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Where are you setting events.metal_bar_removed to true? –  Matt Jul 10 '14 at 21:57
After about 200 lines of code of different checks and operations with the other attributes of this class the very end has: if self.event == False: self.event = True –  Pljeskavica Jul 10 '14 at 22:12
That doesn't set events.metal_bar_removed = True though. It sets self.event = True. –  Matt Jul 10 '14 at 22:14
I thought that since self.event was set to events.metal_bar_removed it would change that variable. The idea was to have a file of events that the different objects can change so they could keep track of what happened already. What would be a better way of doing this? –  Pljeskavica Jul 10 '14 at 22:33
It was set to the value of events.metal_bar_removed, not the variable itself. It's hard to say the best way of doing this without seeing the complete program structure. I would probably do something where after each call to UseAction() you set the states of your configuration variables before proceeding to the next use action. Is this okay for an acceptable answer? –  Matt Jul 11 '14 at 14:05

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