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I have a couple views with belonging view models, which are used in listings for specific content types on my site.

I want to reuse these view models when I list search results, where these content types are shown together in one listing.

I get the search result items as API items, I can then proceed to find the underlying type of the items and map them to the corresponding view model (DocumentViewModel for documents, NewsPageViewModel for news pages etc).

What I really would like to do is something like this: Map the search hit items to the correct view model for the underlying content type. Then return the view models as dynamic objects together with a property that specifices their backing type, and a property for the view path/name.

    Model.dynamicItems =  new List<dynamic>()
    {document, newsPage};
    foreach(var item in Model.dynamicItems)
            @{ Html.RenderPartial(item.viewName, (item.Type) item );}

But as far as I know that's not possible, due to lack of duck typing.

I guess something like this could work, but it feels ugly and repetitive:

public Interface ISearchInterfaceItem
    string viewName {get; set;}

public class DocumentViewModel : ISearchInterfaceItem 

public class NewsPageViewModel : ISearchInterfaceItem 

Model.SearchInterfaceItems =  new List<ISearchInterfaceItem>()
{newsPageItem, document};

foreach(var item in Model.SearchInterfaceItems)
    if(item as DocumentViewModel != null)
        @{ Html.RenderPartial(item.viewName, (DocumentViewModel) item );}

    else if (item as NewsPageViewModel != null)
        @{ Html.RenderPartial(item.viewName, (NewsPageViewModel) item );}

Are there any good ways to achieve this?

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Why in the world are you implementing interfaces if you're not going to use them? Just do:

foreach (ISearchInterfaceItem item in Model.SearchInterfaceItems)

(Then you don't even need to cast later on.)

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The good news is mvc has something simple for this.

-Create a EditorTemplates folder in your shared folder.

-create your partial views in this folder.

-The name of the view should be the name of the type it displays.

-In your view call EditorForModel helper method.

If you are not editing, you could also DisplayTemplates.

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