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When creating a new invoice how can I pass additional data for the invoice.

            invoiceAdditionalData.DataExtValue.SetValue("a unique number for this invoice");

The code above always changes the customers additional data, so all existing invoices get the new value. How do I tell the QBFC that this additional data is for the invoice and not for the customer. EDIT: Working version

            IDataExtAdd invoiceAdditionalData = requestMsgSet.AppendDataExtAddRq();
            invoiceAdditionalData.DataExtValue.SetValue("the id");

            invoiceAdd.defMacro.SetValue("TxnID:" + invoiceNo);

            invoiceAdditionalData.ORListTxnWithMacro.TxnDataExtWithMacro.TxnID.SetValueUseMacro("TxnID:" + invoiceNo);
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the above solution did not seem to be working it was always putting in the same data, it started working after I cleared the custom data value on the customer record itself. –  hazimdikenli Jul 11 '14 at 18:27

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In your last 2 lines you're telling it to update the customer, not the invoice. Instead of ListDataExt, use TxnDataExtWithMacro (for DataExtAdd - you don't need a macro) or TxnDataExt (for DataExtMod). The specify tdetInvoice as the type in line 4, and give it the Invoice's TxnID in line 5.

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