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I need to test a unit of code that constructs a FormData object, appends a file and submits an AJAX request to the server. The issue is that I don't actually have a file object to provide to the FormData append method call. So I wanted to spyOn the append method and call a fake function of my own. Is this possible? If not, how can I test my code.

The following is the unit of code I want to test:

var fd = new FormData();

// listOfFiles is an array of files and filename is a string
var file = _.findWhere(listOfFiles, { name: filename });

fd.append("file", file, filename);

$.ajax(/* options */);

The following is what I have for my unit test, which doesn't do the job:

it("does something", function() {
    var mockFiles = [{
        name: "Test File.pdf"

    // the addDocs call adds the files to the listOfFiles array above

    var ajaxSpy = spyOn($, "ajax");

    spyOn(FormData.prototype, "append").andReturn(false);

    // this event causes the above unit of code to run

    // do more stuff...

Right now I get the following error:

Failed to execute 'append' on 'FormData': No function was found that matched the signature provided

Which happens because my spy doesn't get called.

Any help is much appreciated how to properly spy on FormData methods.

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Turns out that I was wrong and the following code actually does spy correctly on the FormData.append method:

spyOn(FormData.prototype, "append");

The issue is that I put it too far nested in my describe blocks that other tests were failing because they also tried to call FormData.append and no spy was set up for those tests.

While I was working through a solution, I also realized that the following concept would work too since I don't actually care about uploading any file:

spyOn(window, 'FormData').andReturn({
    "append": jasmine.createSpy()

Hopefully this can help someone that needs to spy on FormData!

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I am getting a TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function error. Both window and jasmine seem to be defined though. –  Alex C Mar 16 at 14:56

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