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i using oracle 10g database, i installed two instance in my machine(dev and dev10g), i using query "select instance_name,status from v$instance" this query return one instance information but i need two (dev and dev10g) instance information, how i write a query. it is possible without using dblink. pls help me.

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No. Without a dblink, the two database instances do not communicate with each other. Also, not sure if you can dblink v$instance.

If you want to monitor several databases in one place, you will need to look at Oracle's management tools, I think. Or just query both databases separately.

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thank Thilo. i understand. any Oracle's management tools pls let me know –  RSK Mar 18 '10 at 9:58

You can see multiple instances if you use RAC but I don't think you are in this case. As mentioned above, each instance is separate - even with the same software. If you just want to know if the instance is alive, you can easily do this from the OS.

For example in linux:

ps -elf |grep pmon

This will check that the pmon process is running on the instance. If its not you're in trouble! The SID will be a part of the name - so if there are two instances running, you will see both.

In Windoz, you can check the services in a similar way.

Have you looked at Oracles Enterprice Manager Console?

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thanks pj for ur suggestion. i will try windows services related –  RSK Mar 18 '10 at 11:15

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