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I'm familiar with the normal polymorphic deserialization stuff where you deserialize an object based on the string value of a certain field. For instance:

              @JsonSubTypes.Type(value = LionCage.class, name = "LION"),
              @JsonSubTypes.Type(value = TigerCage.class, name = "TIGER"),
@JsonTypeInfo(use = JsonTypeInfo.Id.NAME, include = JsonTypeInfo.As.PROPERTY, property = "type")

Is there any way to do basically the same thing if the "type" field of the incoming object is an integer instead of a string? So in the example above, "LION" and "TIGER" would be 1 and 2. For whatever reason, I haven't been able to figure this out.

Also, how should I have been able to figure this out? Seems like it should be something obvious.

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